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Welcome as a 3F-course participant

3F course participant at Smålandshavet

Dear member of 3F – the Danish trade union

We look forward to your arrival and have collected the some of the most important information for 3F course participants.

You’ll be able to find much of the information under Practical Information.

But here is some of the most important: Your arrival in Smålandshavet.

​Smålandshavet has some regular weekly traditions that we cherish and take pride in: Morning song

​If you have questions you can’t find the answer to, please contact us. Call us at +45 5543 4000 or write to us at

Welcome to Smålandshavet.

3F courses

Find the 3F course calendar of 2019 at the 3F homepage

Find the FIU’s course calendar of 2019 at the FIU homepage


​You are always more than welcome to ask us your questions and contact us at Smålandshavet Kursus- & Konferencecenter where we are ready to assist and create a non-binding offer for you.

Contact us by telephone: +45 55 43 40 00 to discuss the opportunities at our course centre, or write