Smålandshavet in Karrebæksminde


Smålandshavet is centred around positive experiences. For us, it means that the working environment and working conditions are prioritized highly and quality is always in focus. That’s true for the service our staff provides and for the facilities you can expect as a guest or an organizer.

Our employees have the qualifications and the desire to provide organizers and guests with the service they deserve, no matter what the nature of the visit.

We believe you should feel valued and treated well at Smålandshavet.


Smålandshavet is owned and used by the 3F Union. This has significance for our daily operations. Employee representatives from many different Danish and international workplaces get training through courses held at Smålandshavet and give us daily feedback on our working environment and working condtions. This means that we are a very popular place to work and that our customers can book time at Smålandshavet with pride and a clear conscience.


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 When Smålandshavet was founded in the 1970s, it was only supposed to be a well-equipped vacation destiantion. But it soon became clear that the faciltity had much more potential.

The Woman’s Workers Union in Denmark (KAD) bought Smålandshavet from its original developer in the start of the 1980s, with the idea of using it to help train the union’s employee represenatatives.​

It soon because clear that the original restaurant rooms and rooms for vacation use weren’t enough to meet the demand for course space. The center was expanded with a modern conference and course wing in 1985.

In 1994, the Tower Building was added. It contained an IT room, plenum and group rooms, and a large, comfortable lounge that could host all the guests at the center, even when it was fully booked.

Around 2000 all the rooms were renovated with new floors and new furniture, and new TVs were installed in all of the rooms. A new round of renovations began in 2011. This renovation is an ongoing process dedicated to constantly improving the quality of our facilities and of your experience.

We look forward to showing you all this and more.

 ​Yours sincerely,

 Lone Warburg, Principal Manager



You are always more than welcome to ask us your questions and contact us at Smålandshavet Kursus- & Konferencecenter where we are ready to assist and create a non-binding offer for you.

Contact us by telephone: +45 55 43 40 00 to discuss the opportunities at our course centre, or write