daflag  Conference center in South Sealand, in Karrebæksminde near the town of Næstved

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Dear guest

Please allow us to introduce our restaurant, which we’re very proud of.

At Smålandshavet we make it a priority to prepare the best quality food possible. We get up in the morning to serve food made from good, and preferably local, ingredients. We’re proud of the fact that our food is made from scratch and our employees do their best to use every part of the meat and vegetables in order to minimize food waste.

Since 2010 the restaurant has been proud to display an Elitesmiley.

You can enjoy your food at Smålandshavet in good conscience. We take the environment seriously and support local quality ingredients.

We choose organic foods as often as we can. Our milk, yoghurt, eggs and most of our bread is organic. We buy our coffee in the ‘fair trade’ market.

We purchase from local providers as much as possible, part because they are good quality and partly because we like to support local production. Fish is always from local fishmongers and when the season is right, we buy strawberries, potatoes and apples from local sellers.

We choose our wines with the help of one of Denmark’s best wine shops.

Special food requests (vegetarian, allergies, gluten free, etc.) can always be arranged in advance. Email me at ellen.bogelund@3f.dk.

Bon appetite!

​Chef Ellen Bøgelund.

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Course- & Conferencecenter

Alléen 44

4736 Karrebæksminde

Tlf. +45 55 43 40 00

Fax. 5543 4007

Mail smalandshavet@3f.dk 

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