Societal and environmental responsibility

We care about the local and global environment and take our social responsibilities seriously, both when when enter contracts with suppliers and when we call in external craftsmen and women.

We employ apprentices in our restaurant and accounting departments and strongly support business apprenticeships as well as co-operation with educational institutions in our municipality and region.

In 2013 we put in motion a project to minimize food waste, and all restaurant employees are trained to do so for the benefit of your enviroment – and also for the price of your stay.


Naturally, we do our best to minimize CO2 emissions, and we do so by investing in renovations and rebuilding to the extent it makes sense in both the short and long-term.

For example, our indoor poor was rebuilt in 2009 after the latest technnical innovations, so heating and cleansing of the water requires the least amount of energy and cleaning materials possible. A 20 m² solar panel warms up water from 5° to 35°.

We are continually installing low-energy LED lights, and when we are not fully booked for a period we turn down the heat in entire sections of the facility. 



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